The glitch hop guru Knowa has finally unveiled his long anticipated ‘We Create Fire’ EP earlier this week. On this release Knowa reigns in the talents of Dove for two new original scores, along with a slew of remixes from other majorly talented bass producers AMB, Haywyre, and S.P.E.C.T.R.E. The EP kicks off with the title track ‘We Create Fire’ which comes in with a haunting glitch hop beat that melds into catchy vocals that slide their way on. AMB comes through with a remix of ‘We Create Fire’ that’s just as on par as the original, he shifts the vibe to that of an ambient atmospheric wonderland. The vocals seem to be dismissed at first but they soon come forth from the fog and flow nicely with AMB‘s remixed beat. Knowa and Dove’s second original on the EP entitled ‘Lose Control’ comes in on a much different page than ‘We Create Fire’. The beat is more upbeat, slathered with grainy bass, starry synths, and lyrics much harder/darker than what we were dealt in ‘We Create Fire’. Remixes of ‘Lose Control’ by Haywyre and S.P.E.C.T.R.E. take over from here on out and keep the glitch hop vibe rolling. Thanks to Knowa, Dove, and Street Ritual this EP has been put out for free so be sure to hop on over to Knowa‘s bandcamp for the download!


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