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525584_244013929060009_1142978232_nHouse aficionado and Dutchman Lodewijk Fluttert is better known in my book as “Bakermat”.  The main reason that I love him, I never get bored of his productions.  People tend to think that house music is so repetitive and monotonous, many people grow tired of it after a few tracks have played out.  But alas, a breath of fresh air and a little jazzy life is what Bakermat brings to his productions.  Most of his tracks feature classical instruments, mainly with jazz influences, which not many electronic artists are willing to do.  From french horns to the saxophone and even wind instruments (flute, clarinets) are essential parts of Bakermat’s discography.  For me, this adds a calming element to the house scene, which can get intense at times.  I’d say the closest comparison to Bakermat would be a Big Gigantic reference, because of the obviously instrumental correlation, but the feeling is more soothing and light when it comes from the Dutchman’s portfolio.

Listen : Vandaag (Original Mix) – Bakermat

Listen : Zomer (Original Mix) – Bakermat

Bakermat on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


534729_10151297603681084_1423147070_nFinally, its almost the weekend, and its almost time to forget the work week and boogey with some buds, no matter how or where you celebrate.  Frikstailers may be providing the soundtrack of my life this weekend.  As the weather gets freezing here in NY – we’re dying for ways to warm up, even if just mentally.  So coming across such tropical bass tracks that remind me of bonfires on the beach as provided by Frikstailers.  The quick cumbia bassed sounds that this eclectic duo churn out should be your go-to if you want to get the ladies in the building to swing their hips, so you already know….

Listen : Tempos Insanos feat. BNegão (Frikstailers Remix) – Maga Bo

Listen : Run for Cumbia – DJ Rafa Caivano (of Frikstailers)

Frikstailers on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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