Despite a shortage of posts in the electro and progressive house genres on The Dankles, we still do enjoy those genres and the many gems we find daily within its mega-culture inside EDM. I mean let’s be real, the biggest names in Electronic music consist mostly of dj’s and producers that work under the umbrella of “house” music. So, when I come across a song that moves me without so much of an ounce of recognition in its composer or melody, I am naturally going to share the song with hope that others will experience the same sense of craziness I did. Swedish-based progressive house animal Marco Farouk and the British up-and-comer Thomas Dillinger have worked together on numerous songs in the past, and this latest tune “Funky Shit” is probably the hardest song by them I’ve ever heard. Expelling enormously gritty and acidic synth melodies and drum-work switchups, these two hit the nail on the head with the title of this funky banger. The free download is only the icing on the funky cake that is this song, so be sure to jam on the go with this one and show these two artists some love!

Marco Farouk on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Thomas Dillinger on Twitter | Soundcloud

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