Miguel Puente

If you like the gangster house sound of Amine Edge, Dexter Kane and Kolombo then Miguel Puente is right up your alley. 2012 was an explosive and definitive year for the young producer, seeing critically-acclaimed releases with the likes of No. 19 Music, Stranjjur, and Digital Delight Records, showing off his ghetto, girtty, and extremely deep house sound. His most recent album, “Somthing Going On,” came out yesterday on Akbal Music, and quite frankly there isn’t a bad song one the whole EP. Miguel Puente stays true to his gangster house roots throughout, with tracks perfect for the peak of a late night set. With unbelievable remixes from Balcazar & Sordo and WiLDKATS, this is definitely one of my favorite G-House EP’s of the year!

Purchase : Something Going On EP – Miguel Puente

Miguel Puente on : Soundcloud / Facebook
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