It’s been more than a hot minute since my last post due to selling my soul for 2 weeks in order to make sure the Holy Ship excursion could be one without any stress from the outside world, but I am happy to be back and am ready to bring you some fresh banger that greeted my ears on the way home. Coincidently for the last 2 weeks, i’ve been hearing from friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members about checking out A$AP Rocky’s freestyle game at an alarming rate. Though I’ve heard from a more then reliable source that the Rocky Boys mess around with The Dankles Blog, it took listening to this track in passing for me to now be hooked hard to what A$AP is flowing. Teaming up with Skrillex will of course provide the social media world with #HaterOfTheYear commentary until Long.Live.A$AP is released next year, but for now sit back and like always…..Enjoy mes Amis!

Listen: Wild For The Night (feat. Skrillex) – A$AP Rocky


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