Earlier this week we were graced with the release of Vokab Kompany‘s new collaborative album with Crush Effect. If Vokab Kompany is fresh sight for your eyes let me give you a brief run down on these guys. Hailing from San Diego this rag tag bunch of musical merry men create a sound unlike that of any live fusion group I have stumbled across before. The original sound they produce is truly pushing the bill these days by joining live instruments, electronic elements, while at the same time slathering on ever fresh vocals from Matt Burke and Robbie Gallo. For this latest release they reigned in Crush Effect to get behind the production for ‘VKCE’. What we are gifted with is a full LP with so many elements woven in it’s almost absurd. We get everything from smooth pop fueled tracks to a few tracks whose gurgling bass is nearly stomach turning. Long story short there’s something here for everyone. Check out a little taste of the album below along with the debut video above, don’t hesitate to hop on over to iTunes to cop the whole album either!

Vokab Kompany on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud
Crush Effect on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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