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Virtu can be defined as “excellence or merit in the objects of art, curios, and the like”.  This suits well for Jon Sprott and AJ Paschall, who form the Cali-based duo, for they strive to produce quality big room bangers with infectious melodies that will leave your jaw on the floor and goosebumps on your body. Their production style cannot be described for every tune they produce is diverse and always changing.  Check their latest remix of “Open Your Heart”, which takes the original electro-house track to a new level of progression.  As the duo gains momentum in the electronic scene, it should be interesting to see what they have in store for us as 2013 is just over the horizon.

Listen : Eternal – Virtu

Listen/Download : Open Your Heart ft. Ruby (Virtu Bootleg) – Axwell & Dirty South

Virtu on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


12748_10151259591217044_220373149_nGermany must be like the land of the hidden gems, and such is definitely the case for Tassilo Ippenberger & Thomas Benedix who compose this housey-vibe tag-team.  Their willingness to expand the components of their productions while staying firmly rooted in what they do best—colossal, haunting techno tracks overflowing with noise and static, throbbing bass lines, and epic builds that manage to be both tasteful and restrained—is only part of what differentiates Pan-Pot from the hordes of other techno producers currently flooding the airwaves. They may name themselves after a piece of gear, but Pan-Pot’s music is ultimately about moving bodies, not knobs, all the while giving way to an unprecedented degree of dynamism on dance floors around the world.

Listen : Gravity ft. G-Tech – Pan-Pot

Listen / Download : The Apocalypse / X-Mas Mix – Pan-Pot

Pan-Pot on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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