It was painstakingly blatant last week that many people were unsure what the end of the week might unleash upon them. Some thought it would come in the form of a great awakening, some thought it would be cascading down hell fire, shit, some even thought a lucky bunch were getting swept away by our extraterrestrial friends. Though we didn’t see any of the aforementioned events actually occur we did witness the release of one other-worldly beast on the planet this past 21st of December. Coming to us in the form of the malevolent #TOMCREW’s first full length compilation this 20 track behemoth should definitely tide you over for the holidays. Featuring cuts from some of our favorite up and coming producers, while salting the batch with some new names ‘End Times’ has little something for everyone this holiday season. Alas get to picking through this stack of treats and make sure you don’t miss any of those gems in the rough! Also don’t hesitate to give these guys a little donation if you’re feelin’ the holiday spirit!

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