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As if these past few weeks haven’t brought enough new//free music to tide you over this holiday season the wave is sure to continue throughout the week (we even have our first compilation dropping later this week)!  Here to  add some flavor to this Monday night we have the latest release from glitch hop producer kLL sMTH entitled ‘Voluminous’. This five track release spans an entire cosmos of sound while each track  manages to pack its own unique punch. Let me start off by saying that anyone who tackles a track by The Mars Volta to remix for the opening track must truly have some serious balls. kLL sMTH masterfully weaves Omar’s voice to and fro through the bass driven ether and serves us up a heavy remix that is unlike any I have heard before (on top of the fact it’s also one of my favorite Volta tunes). Initially the heavy bass leaves us behind as we’re launched into space on our own  cosmic journey in the following track but it isn’t long before it works its way back into our ear drums with a vengeance. Spanning from spacey glitched out melodies to absolutely rib rupturing basslines  this is definitely a release you need to listen to through and through!

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