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12. Pop That Pussy Like This – R3

Download: Pop That Pussy Like This – R3

Soon after we decided to start up our Twerkin Trap Tuesday series, R3 put this explicit masterpiece out. Completely refacing YG‘s “Pop It,” this song began to turn heads, and started it’s rounds through live sets as trapstyle began to take over the EDM world this summer. Its hard hitting bass and descending synth line make it easy to lean to, and quickly became a crowd favorite wherever I heard it dropped.

11. Rattle (Luminox Remix) – Bingo Players

Another one of those early summer heaters, Luminox‘s remix of “Rattle” by the Bingo Players, was a heavily played track at many of the sets I attended earlier on. It was released around the time that “trap” remixes were beginning to become more and more frequent, and it ultimately helped the movement gain momentum.


Six or so months ago the first three tracks we saw from the duo LOUDPVCK strolled in on my SoundCloud dashboard. With virtually zero followers at the time, its been fun to watch the popularity these guys have accumulated with each new release. The two producers have a distinct way of meshing simplistic noises into technical yet hyphy beats. “NV$TY” is a perfect example of the particular sound that the pair bring out in their music. Not to mention one the more popular songs I heard played this fall.

9. Goin Down (Milo & Otis unoriginal mix) – Yung Joc

It seemed that by mid summer EDM had its general recipe for what was needed in a “trap” track. An 808 drum kit, a dragged out vocal line from a hip hop song, and a particularly high pitched synth for melody. The art is in the way it’s put together. After sifting through just about everything the internet has to offer in terms of “trap” music you begin to see the trends, and who excels in it’s production, trust me. Milo & Otis‘s remix of Yung Joc proved that the recipe was indeed a real thing, and when done right a hit is born.

8. GameCube Nintendo –  gLAdiator x Chromatic

Different styles of EDM’s “trap” begin to show through in different artists as the recipe became set and producers aimed for different flavors. gLAdiator and Chromatic linked together in July to put together one of the most popular tracks this year. The second half of this song uses the ever wet “bubble trap” sound, which they helped make relevant to the legions of newer “trap” followers.

7. Booty 2 The Ground -UZ x CRNKN

When two of the key players in the EDM “trap” movement linked up this summer, everyone expected the best, and thats what we got. Shaking your ass to dance music has always been a popular theme to music since it’s roots. EDM being no exception. When trapstyle artists began to pump out ass enthusiastic tunes, UZ & CRNKN’s “Booty 2 The Ground” was hard to not notice. It’s usually pretty safe to expect a lot from some of the best, and in this case we weren’t foolish in thinking so.

6. That A$$ – Bro Safari

One of the newer tracks on the list, the original tune “That A$$” from Bro Safari cruised to into the limelight quite quickly. As I previously mentioned booty samples have become rather popular in “trap” music, and this song seems to be the epitome of that theory. It would be surprising to hear that any of our followers weren’t savvy to its existence, because I think it’s been the most popular song in our “Twerking Trap Tuesday” mix series.

5. Brick Squad Anthem – Mayhem x Antiserum

Right around the time the trapstyle scene began becoming more and more saturated Mayhem & Antiserum put out a track with a twist of new and old sounds. “Brick Squad Anthem” is probably one the best examples from this year of some if an unusual but effective ways to weave vocals into both the rhythm and the melody. It’s popularity thus stems from it’s hard hitting style that makes it easy to turn up whenever you hear it.

4. Harlem Shake – Baauer

The sound Baauer started putting out around the beginning of 2012 is what made me aware of a certain style that was starting to creep into EDM. Baauer was treated well this year as he released a slew of popular songs that were bumped live all around the world. Literally bursting onto the scene, his Harlem Shake/Yaow release with Mad Decent solidified his place in the movement of the new sound of “trap” music. This song reached epic proportions this year, and deserves it’s spot as number four on this list.

3. Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix) – Major Lazer

I’m sure there will be some backlash to the Flosstradamus remix of “Original Don” reining in at number three on my list. There is no arguing that this song literally introduced us all to the notion that this sound could really become popular in EDM. Though, if you’ll pardon my analogy, it’s become like the “Cinema” (Skrillex remix) of “trap” music. Once you’ve heard a song so many times your brain seems to begin finding reasons to want to hate it. A lot of the time that can generally be the downfall of a song. In the case of the Floss’s “Original Don” remix it happens to still be a fun joint to crank out once and awhile, because it’s simply fun to dance to. You all had to figure it would be high on this list..

2. Higher Ground – TNGHT

In my opinion Lunice and Hudson Mohawke reached higher ground as they teamed up to become TNGHT. The sound they produced seemed to give everyone a breath of fresh air just as it seemed the trapstyle scene was time and time again going down the same path. The release of their debut EP gave the chance for experimental styles and sounds of “trap” to begin to get a chance to filter their way into sets. They proved that you didn’t have to put out a syrup sipping dragged out beat to produce a popular “trap” song.

1. Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) – Kanye West

There will always be controversy in calling something number one. Tastes in music are all subjective, so I wouldn’t expect everyone to agree with me 100%. In my opinion this song is the perfect cumulation of popular sound and technical production, it’s massive status resulting from those factors. “Mercy” (which was produced by Hudson Mohawke) was already one the most popular tracks put out this year, and when Salva and RL Grime added their touch, it became trapstyle legend. Arguably better than the original it’s not hard to see why this song rounds out at number one on my list of best “trap” songs of 2012.

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