Recently, our friend Skream has been experimenting more and more with the sound of his production, spanning into the realms of garage, deep house, and disco the last couple of months. He has even took to Facebook stating that his live shows are, “gonna be all about BASS music regardless of tempo! SO please don’t be surprised that I don’t play 2 hours of Dubstep,” showing a shift in his mixing style as well. Yet, even with this deviation from aggressive 140 BPM bass music, the king of dubstep shows that he’s still owns the crown with Skreamizm: Volume 7.

Starting off on a softer note, “Copy Cat” comes in featuring pop singer Kelis. A subdued effort aimed at the late night crowd, the ambient sound is far-removed from from the rest of the album’s (so don’t let it turn you dubstep fans off from the rest of the EP). As a complete polar opposite of “Copy Cat,” “Vacillate” viciously erupts as the next track. With a sound very similar to “XMAS Day Swagger,” the gritty basslines and contrasting classic piano mix together wonderfully to make yet another dubstep anthem. Keeping the energy level maxed out, the next song, “Scrooge’s Revenge” has that fluttering and demented bassline that we’ve all grown to love from the Croydon native. The fourth track, “Sticky,” sees Skream experiment with more of an acid-house sound, cranking up the LPF’s resonance and turning down the BPM’s to 128. The next song, “Inhumane,” reminds me of old-school Distance, with creepy ghostly highs over a droning and ever-changing bassline. Finally, “Junkyard Dispute” closes out the EP, starting off very ambient, but exploding into an “electrically charged” and high-energy dubstep track.

Hopefully we can expect a full 128 BPM album from the dubstep don in the near future, but until then, be sure to support the artist and purchase Skreamizm: Volume 7 below!

Purchase : Skreamizm: Volume 7 EP – Skream

Stream : Copy Cat (Ft. Kelis) – Skream

Stream : Vacillate – Skream

Stream : Scrooge’s Revenge – Skream

Stream : Sticky – Skream

Stream : Inhumane – Skream

Stream : Junkyard Dispute – Skream

Download : Boiler Room Mix 11/12: Skream + Disclosure B2B

Download : December Mix – Skream

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