While out in the woods of Santa Barbara, CA for the Halloween weekend at Lunacy Music and Art’s Festival there were a good handful of artists that grabbed our attention like they had never before. This being the case we wanted to shed a light on some of these producers so some of you viewers out there can get to know them(or get to know them a little better if you’re already familier with their tunes)! A few weeks back we brought you a feature on Andreilien (previously known as Heyoka) who we were actually able to chat with out in CA; but this week we were able to catch up with ChrisB. to see what he has been up to as of late. Churning up all sorts of crunked up bass driven tracks and remixes this West Coast producer is definitely a name to have in your library if he has yet to be added. With the debut of this new Booka Shade remix he holds true to those funky stylings and hits us with something fresh at the same time. Hopefully that brand new remix to finish up our little chat is a good note to end on for everyone out there!

The Dankles: Thanks for taking the time to catch with us. How has life been treating you lately?

ChrisB.: Life’s been great. I’ve finally had some time off lately, so I’ve been in the studio a bunch getting the juices flowing.

TD: For those who are unfamiliar, can you give us a bit of background on yourself?

CB.: My names ChrisB. Im from Los Angeles, California representing Headtron.

TD: A few of us just had the opportunity to make it out to Lunacy Festival in Santa Barbara. Did you enjoy your time down there last month?

CB.: Lunacy was a blast. Being from Los Angeles, it was a pretty local festival, so I had a lot of my friends there. It was great to spend time with them as well as my other artist friends who were performing. Thought the stage production was dope too, and of course Funktion One isn’t terrible. [Laughs].

TD: We also noticed that you will be making your first appearance in Portland soon. Are you excited to make it up there finally?

CB.: I’ve heard a lot of good things about Portland and I know some awesome people from there, so it’s going to be nice to finally pay them a visit. I’m performing with ill-esha too so it will be fun running a muck with her.

TD: You have also been lucky enough to be selected to take the trip down to Costa Rica for the Envision Festival. Have you had the chance to play in a setting like that before?

CB.: Actually, the first time I ever performed in front of people was in Costa Rica almost 3 years ago. My girlfriend at the time and I went down there for the Manifesto Gathering, which is a little shindig MartyParty used to host down in Mal Pais. Mary, his wife, found out I was a DJ and asked me to play at the pool party. Of course, I said yes and everyone enjoyed it so much that they asked me to play after Govinda at the beach club that night.

Pretty much after that was when I gained the confidence that I could actually achieve this due to all the love I was getting. Once I got back to the states, I started taking production seriously. Because of that, Costa Rica has a very special place in my heart. Having the privilege to return there to perform at Envision 2 years later playing all my own original material with such a stacked lineup is an honor. I am actually going back for New Years to play with jOBOT for a party that the producers are hosting in Dominical. I hope to be returning again for Envision 2013.

TD: So we hear you have a new EP in the works. Can you shed any light on what we might be served with?

CB.: Well, it’s a 6 track EP titled Triangular Objects and it’s going to be released on January 15th via Gravitas Recordings on all major online distributors. Most of the stuff is ranging from 80-90bpm. Definitely different from what you guys are used to hearing from me.

I also have another tune on there which is my take on the whole trap craze. The tracks are all pretty different and it definitely takes you on a bit of a journey. It’s almost been 2 years since I released my debut EP, What’s Your Fantasy, on Simplify. I couldn’t be more exited to finally release this follow up. Y’all will finally understand why I have been holding out so long.
TD: You have worked on some sweet projects with other producers in the past. Can we expect to see anything new collaboration wise?

CB.: Lately, I have been working with jOBOT a lot. He just moved into my house and is one of my best friends and we started learning how to produce together. So our workflow is pretty symbiotic. We just finished up a remix for AMB that should be released on Adapted Records and will be the debut of our project, LEWD N PUBLIC.

I’ve been playing guitar a lot more on tracks lately. Also been producing a few with ill-esha and have a couple new Swordfight tracks with Sugarpill. Also, I just did a 3 way collab with jOBOT and ill-esha last time she was in LA and they even got me to sing on the track! (Granted I have a terrible voice and her vocal processing pedal makes me sound like a combination of Jesus and Fergie.)

TD: Being on the west coast where there’s a large bass music scene, is it nice to see all the variations and twists certain producers add into the mix?

CB.: I honestly live in a bubble. I’ve seen pretty much everything before, so I dont really go out of my way to look up other people’s music. I just listen to stuff my friends make and send me, and stuff I’m working, of course.

TD: When you’re just hanging out, who are a few producers someone might catch you bumping around the house?

CB.: HeRobust’s chill out shlumpy hip-hop is my go-to sexytime music. Tipper, D’angelo [laughts], Telefon Tel Aviv, Thriftworks, Russ Liquid, jOBOT, and Kalya Scintilla, too.

TD: What about when you’re really trying to get shit to hit the fan?

CB.: I dont have a fan in my room.

TD: Aside from playing shows and producing music, I’m sure you have hobbies. What other pleasures do you find in life?

CB.: BBQing with all the Steak Tribe homies. We got Sugargrill, Gladgrill, I’ll-Eatcha, Stephan Steakobs, joeBQ, and a few others who like to throw down. Sporadic succulent heists are always fun.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Any last words for your fans out there?

CB.: Stay sexy and much love!

New Remix:

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