The Dankles started as just a small personal outlet for three college kids.  Since its inception nearly two years ago, it has grow from a personal outlet on Tumblr to a fully-functioning website with over 12 contributors.  On New Years day last year we had just about 240 “likes” on Facebook, and now, a whole year later, we are approaching the 5,000 benchmark.  It’s because of the dedication that many of the writers have put in and a little bit of good taste that we have arrived where we are now!  We hope for bigger and better opportunities in 2013!

We are so proud to finally give this to our fans.  ‘Inside Your Eardrums Vol. 1’ is a compilation of fourteen tracks spanning countless unnamable bass music genres from fourteen incredible artists!  From start to finish, this is a fun, bass-heavy compilation that everyone should be able to get down to.  Enjoy and let these artists know how much you appreciate their work!

Artists: Boeboe, The Interns, LazrFace, Caligula, Yheti, Exceed, Evac Protocol, Be Good, Dj Belly, Swagglerock, Cestladore, Noms, Soulular & Runes



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