So the weekend is upon us at last, the closing days of 2012 are on the horizon… That being said it’s time to get those last licks in real quick before we give 2012 the final boot and what could get shit hitting the fan any faster than a raucous drumstep remix of Young Dro’s anthem ‘Shoulder Lean’. Now if the guys behind the reigns of this raunchy remix are a fresh site for your soon to be bleeding eyes then you better pull their page up on another tab; Them Lost Boys have bursted onto the scene these past few months with some hefty remixes and originals. Initially they brought us some trap tracks but this new remix is a true punch to the gut (in the best of ways). We get those trap vibes of the original track chopped up a sprinkled and slathered over a gut punching bass line that is oh so filthy. Dig on into this new tasty remix and be sure to check out the little bonus I slipped in down there while you’re at it (oh yes these guys got their moombahcore on lock too!!)!


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