By the looks of it 2012 isn’t going down without a fight. Throughout the course of this year we have seen countless waves of releases roll in, some months much more turbid than other, yet it hasn’t been a surprise to see that the end of the year has brought an odd calmness to the waters. As many producers move on from 2012 and ready themselves for 2013 a certain up and coming producer from the lush northwest has just stirred up some ripples with the release of his album ‘W A V E S’. Brought to us from the future bass label STYLSS (who also hails from the NW) we have cestladore‘s debut full length album ‘W A V E S’; a welcomed breath of fresh air to bring 2012 to a dreamy close. This 10 track release is riddled with a beautiful airy ambience that lulls one into a state of dreamlike stupor. Dim the lights down low, get all those cozy pillows tucked up around you, and dive in to ‘W A V E  S’.

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