While some of you may still be looking back at 2012 in wonder, it is now time to turn your eyes to the looming year of 2013 and all it has to offer! We figured what better way to usher in the new year than to turn your eyes to something fresh. While visiting family for the holidays I was able to catch up with the founder//label-head of the newly born imprint South Fork Sound. Nestled on the eastern end of Long Island, NY we are beginning to see the emergence of truly genuine sounds as SFS puts things in gear for 2013. Luckily enough for us over here at The Dankles we were able to get a few words from the man behind the scenes and even a little free tune from one of SFS‘s featured artists! I can assure you SFS is definitely going to be pushing the bill with the plans they have in store for 2013.


The Dankles: Before we get into things would you mind introducing yourself for us briefly?
Joe Burns: Hey my name’s Joe Burns, I was born in Sag Harbor, NY. I’ve been producing for about 4 years now under the alias Blind Prophet. Been DJing for about the past 2 ½ years and over the course of this past summer I have been in the process of setting up my new label South Fork Sound.

TD: How did the transition from producing music to wanting to release music come about?
JB: Well I was thinking about starting a label for a while.  Pretty consistently over the past year and a half. Then through talking with other friends who run their own labels I was able to get a better idea as to how things worked.  I also felt like I had enough clout in the scene where I could get some people on board.  After that I began to reach out to some producers I had good relationships with, bouncing questions off them and that sort of thing to see if they were down to release something with me.  I wound up with enough people saying they would, so here we are now.

TD: So this whole process has been solely in your hands the whole time correct?
JB: Yeah, I don’t do any of the artwork or mastering but those are about the only things I don’t handle personally. As of now Self Evident has done all of the art. Then Greg Heffernan (a/k/a Cosmo D) and Jason Foster (a/k/a B1t Crunch3r) have been doing the mastering.

Basic CMYKTD: Real quick can you go into how you got producers on board a bit more?
JB: Yeah, I mean most of it was through networking on Soundcloud, Facebook, etc. The majority of the artists I currently have on the label I’ve never met in person, through the internet we have been able to build a strong, digital relationship.  Some of these producers I have been swapping tunes and talking with for years now.

Our first release is coming from Wen, who I have been listening to ever since I came across him on SC about two years ago. I probably have the most Wen dubs on my iPod, right as he was posting them I would give him a shout and be like I need this and this and this [Laughs].  Currently he has been getting some well-deserved recognition, which is awesome to see. It’s great to have the opportunity to release some of his material (the Wen release is slated for January 11th).

TD: As you get music submitted to you have you noticed any trend forming as to where a lot of these producers are coming from?
JB: Hm, most are out of NY definitely. I have tapped into the scene up in Vancouver pretty nicely as well, I have a lots of tunes coming out from people based up there.

TD: Vancouver’s a little distant from NY, how did you wind up making headway into the scene up there?
JB: Well one of my favorite producers for a long time was HxdB (Hexidecibel). I remember when I was first getting emerged in SoundCloud and the whole scene, I found his stuff and it really blew me away. I remember I got in touch with Sev, maybe two years ago now, when I thought my tunes were getting better, to the point where I felt I could ask some bigger producers (even some I looked up to) for some input.  Through forming a good relationship with Sev, I was introduced to the seemingly endless talent that Vancouver had to offer – like Self Evident, SUBCORR, Taal Mala, and Max Ulis.  And I’m proud to say that both Self Evident and SUBCORR will have release on SFS.

TD: Over the course of this year I happened to have noticed a good amount of self started labels popping up; did this emergence push you to get things into motion at all?
JB: Nah, not really, no. It wasn’t so much other labels springing up as it was more the fact I felt a lot of great music wasn’t getting the attention//recognition it deserved; I wanted to lend a hand in that and at the same time I also wanted to rep Long Island – considering there isn’t much of a scene out here.  But I think it’s starting to creep eastward from NYC.   At our launch party a few weeks ago we had some people come from pretty far up island just for the show when they realized the label was based in Long Island.  That felt really good.

TD: You just briefly mentioned the launch party you had a few weeks back for the label, would you like to paint a picture of that nights events for those who weren’t able to make it?
JB: Yeah, we had a great turn out (for out here that is) especially for the winter time. It was hosted at Neoteric Fine Art in Amagansett, NY where we have been lucky enough to host other events as well. I brought in my good friend Policy, who is based out of NYC, and Negro Cabrera had a set along with myself.  It was great to see people coming out for the music and getting down.


TD: First release is slated for January 11th from Wen, anything about that release you’d like to shine a brief light on?
JB: This will actually be one of Wen’s first releases of purely his own material.  When I was first getting into him as I mentioned before, he was on more of a dubstep, 140 type tip, a lot of dark and barren stuff. Then his hard drive crashed and he lost a lot of things he was working on so he decided to switch his style up a bit and get more into the grime/130 stuff he’s putting out now. I’m not 100% sure but I think the track ‘Lo-Fidelity’, which appears on his upcoming release, was the first track (or one of the first) he put up after the HD mishap.

TD: When it comes to distribution are you thinking you will stick to a mostly digital format or do you have some physical releases planned out?
JB: Initially the label is going to be purely digital. What I’d like to do is get into vinyl eventually, since it is fairly pricey. We do have some physical stuff planned that I don’t want to disclose just yet.

TD: As far as producers submitting music goes; have you seen a nice flow of music begin to trickle in?
JB: Yeah I have gotten a bunch of stuff actually.  I’ve connected with a producer named KUNO who is based out of Germany that I’ll be doing a release with.  It was cool to be sent music from someone you’ve never heard of before and the material turned out to be great.

TD: As far as the breadth of music you are looking to host, are you looking for any sounds in particular?
I’m just looking for good electronic music in general. That’s one of the things I would like to do differently with SFS. A lot of labels tend to have a certain ‘sound’ and they end up working to push that particular sound. Whereas with my label I want an overall vibe to carry through each release.

TD: As 2013 begins to show its face can you give us any news//plans from South Fork Sound in 2013?
I’ve got a few shows in NYC in January and February.  On Jan. 3rd I’ll be at Fourth Temple alongside Truenature and on Feb. 19th I’ll be playing at a new night called DEEPER.  Aside from that I will be pushing South Fork Sound as much as possible.


TD: Any last words for the readers out there?
I’d like to thank you guys over at The Dankles for giving me this opportunity in the first place. And then to all the other labels, artists, and friends that have supported me through the years and who continue to support me every day.  Big up!

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