It’s the first of the month folks! You’ve probably already noticed, but our good homies The Interns are going to be presenting us with a fresh hot out the oven mix chock full of bangers at the dawn of each month. Let the Interns and The Dankles bring your new year in right with a brand new trap mix to bang while cruising a blunt. Come snag some FREE lunch, and get trill wit it.

  1. Intro
  2. Mei Bo’ah—The Interns
  3. By Your Side—Big Chocolate
  4. Whistle Dixie (Regulators Remix)—Travis Barker & Yelawolf
  5. On the Grind—Mr. Vega
  6. MILLIXNAIRE—Stooki Sound
  7. Swing My Way (Kid Kamillion Quad Bass Remix)—K.P. & Envyi
  8. Molly (LOUDPVCK Remix)—Ree$e
  9. Low Key—Boeboe
  10. Sock it 2 Me (Kaytranada Remix)—Missy Elliott
  11. You Know Why—gLAdiatior
  12. Like the Dancefloor (Party Favor’s ‘Smash the Dancefloor’ Remix) A-Trak & Zinc
  13. Top Down Shit (Return of the Bubbles)—thefaded.
  14. Holy Ghost—Gameface

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