It sure seems like a good slew of producers decided to squeeze the last bit of life out of 2012 and take the opportunity to get their last possible releases out before the year drew to a close. Among them is the Denver based collective DIRTY//CLEAN who has truly taken this past year upon themselves to bring us some of the most cutting edge and boundary pushing beats. Broadcasting themselves worldwide their crew currently consists of BEDROCKK // ENDEAVORZ // SNUBLUCK // CHECKERS // HOLLAGRAMZ // AMOR, EST. // DAWN SAFARI // TUMTUMS. If any of these producers perk up your ears than you already know the future tip all these talented artists are off and running with. Celebrating their 1 year anniversary they have just brought us ‘Visions’, a little mixtape featuring a little something from almost each artist in the collective! Be sure to keep your eyes on these guys as 2013 starts rolling because we know we will.

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