One of the most gratifying things about bringing music to you guys out there on the other side is when producers reach out and share their stuff with us first hand. This EP just so happened to have come up on my radar that way and by god are there some gems cemented in this release. Coming at us from Vancouver yet currently residing in Nashville, TN Robin Carnage comes at us with a darker vibe than most producers whom usually reach out. Luckily that dark shit is straight up my alley and that’s exactly why I’m getting Robin Carnage‘s malevolently intended tracks to the eyes of the masses. We’re gradually lead into the darkness as we work our way into ‘optyx’ yet it seems the deeper you go the more lost you get in the airy yet haunting rythmes we are presented with. Wrapped up in this EP are a few originals along with a couple of truly catchy remixes of Led Zeppelin, TI & Bun B, and a Slim Thug & Young Jeezy track. Swoop these tunes via SoundCloud or BandCamp and be sure to keep your eyes out for Robin Carnage over the course of 2013!

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