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Robert Delong

539887_468594079821030_1916059839_nSo for those who are not familiar, Robert Delong has some SERIOUS talent.  As a producer, he’s got his running start and is about to hit the springboard to launch him to success within the upcoming weeks.  Originating from the rainy world of Seattle, he has a knack for translating emotion into tiny brilliant (and most of all, NOT OVERDONE) four to five minute packages.  His version of “Float” is packed with a relentless looping bassline and synths with the strength of a pubescent male, which will undoubtedly keep your head popping well after the track is finished, probably without you even noticing your trance-induced state.  He will be playing alongside on of my favorites, Zedd, in a few weeks for a sold out show in NYC presented by MTV.  So if you haven’t taken notice yet, now is your time…

Listen : Float (Robert Delong Remix) – Pacific Air 

Listen : Happy – Robert Delong

Robert Delong on : Facebook |  SoundCloud



No this is not “Gangnam Style”, we move south to Vietnam to meet one of my favorite new producers, Touliver.  This guy has soul, the inspirational kind, not the nu-disco vibe.  I’ll admit, I have become a little unmotivated by the insane amount of oversaturation of the scene in the past few months; but this guy pulled me out of that slump.  Each track he produces builds on the previous, reaching a little farther, and exploring something a little different.  From dubstep, to minimal electro, to hip-hop and beyond, Touliver has a sound that will please any eardrum and mood.  His composition and approach to producing is, in my book, almost unmatchable, certain to make you pull out a pen/paper and take a few notes for your next track.

Listen / Download : Under the Moon – Touliver 

Listen : Don’t Stop (Original Mix) – Touliver 

Touliver on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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