We’ve mentioned before that while heRobust never fails to deliver the sonic intensity for which he’s known, the ATL producer is constatnly expanding the diversity of his sound. We’ve heard him over the last several months through destructive busts of Knife Party, Waka Flocka Flame, and Lil Wayne, but the time has come to feast on heRobust originals.

While the complete OG Status EP does not drop until Monday, January 7th (for free, of course), Hayden teased us today with a download of its title track. It maintains the recognizable, deep, repeated samples with a plethora of sharp synths, but restrains itself on the drop. Instead, there is a bit more mood, less devastation–more melodious inflections, less wobble. Such is to be expected when the rising producer steps back from the busts and enters original domain. With a “Like” on Facebook, this one is yours.


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