If some crunchy space bass is just what you need to get up and moving on a Sunday, 2NUTZ has you covered. Blowing up the scene out here in CO with their first release of 2013, we have can only hope these guys stay on the roll they are on.

If you have yet to hear of the collaborative act that is 2NUTZ then let me first inform you that this bass powerhouse has two talented producers behind the scenes, Atomic Reactor and kLL sMTH. Bringing some fresh time transcending bass, we have their first EP Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies from Muti Music to start 2013 off with a bang. Be prepared to be launched into another demension as you hand the regins over to the duo because this release truly throws you right in the thick of it as crushing and gurgling bass lurks behind their stuttered synth lines. Check out a little teaser of Bi-Tetral Inadvertancies below and be sure to hop on over to Beatport for the full release!


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