AI novinah EP - GTA

One of the duos with the brightest future ahead, GTA, releases their newest EP today “Ai Novinah” through Mixmash Records (headed by Laidback Luke). If you haven’t gotten to know GTA yet, I’m not quite sure what you’re waiting for, as the colossally talented minds of JWLS and Van Toth meet to make beyond music, they make art.  They call Miami home, and the city itself and its explosion of cultures and ways of life are more than influential in their tracks, including the title original mix “Ai Novinah”.  The intro and build up are quite upbeat and maybe have a dark, quick touch to them, but the ensuing onslaught of unexpected dubstep-ish growls and high-pitched synths is the key element sure to be making crowds’ knees weak in the upcoming months.  The 128-145 version develops the dubstep vibe into more depth than the original.  Next, fairly unknown Daniel Amézquita, “Moska” lends an dutch energy with added snares version that blends well to the project.  Capping off the EP is “Bath Salts”, a futuristic electro opening drops into an assault of stabs that will drive the pits WILD, let’s hope not as wild as that dude who was eating the runner guy’s face off.  With an outstanding progressive start to the year, GTA is sure to make 2013 theirs.


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