Wowzers. This guy AceMo is about to shoot you out of your socks with this one if your a fan of hip-hop. Remixing this classic has been done terribly by many, and most that I have heard that are bareable, have never left me wanting to come back for more. This one on the other hand, has been on repeat for me all day. Dead Prez would be so proud to hear their music twerked like this. The perfect vibe is intstilled to remind you what it’s bigger than (if you know the song you know what i’m trying to get at).

Featured not too long ago was a fellow beatmaker and friend of his Photay who released his first EP under the collective Makoshine. Most definitely a collective to stay on the lookout for, these guys are on a mission to sonically enhance the world around us. Grab this free download and Like the collective!


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