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After a highly successful year as boss of the do-no-wrong label Hot Creations (and it’s subsidiary label, Hot Waves), Jamie Jones has launched yet another new label, HOTTRAX, under the Hot Creations umbrella. Unlike Hot Creations, which is generally known for a consistently sunny and upbeat style of tech house, Jamie has stated that the HOTTRAX sub-label will be more “underground-dance-floor orientated music, intended only for the headstrong.” The label’s debut EP, Changes by Jamie Jones himself, is a three track EP of upfront dance floor business that really shows the different direction that the Hot Creations cohorts intend to take with this auxiliary label.

Changes has been one of Jamie’s “deep secret weapons” this summer, championing it all over Ibiza and throughout the UK, and it’s easy to see why; the arpeggiating synths bubble and swell behind an eerie vocal sample and a fat, ghetto bassline is masterfully automated throughout. “Road To The Studio” comes in next with a darker feel to it. Using vocal samples chanting chaotically throughout, this song is perfect for the late-night crowd. The sound animation on the bass is what highlights this track the most, continuously building in anxious anticipation for a “drop” which never comes (a DJ’s best friend). “No Rush” then closes out the album, and is my personal favorite track of the EP. With a fluttering synthline that Jamie Jones is famous for, he maintains a retro-garage style with the stabbing highs and looped lows. This catchy B-side tune is exactly what we’ve come to expect from one of the hottest DJ’s on the planet, keeping an underground vibe while maintaining a party-oriented sound.

All-in-all, this album holds true to the sound that Jamie is shooting for with his new label. If this is any indication of the quality of music expected to be pumped out of HOTTRAX, 2013 will prove to be yet another astounding year for the UK-based Hot Creations!

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