Kendrick Lamar released one of the best rap albums of all time last year with good kid, m.A.A.d. city, and one of the many highlights of the album was “Backstreet Freestyle,” a crazy, out-there, Hit-Boy produced track that topped many best-of lists last year. Electro soul duo Archenemesis have chosen to rework the track, and this is no easy task- Hit-Boy put together one of my favorite beats ever in rap for the song, and on paper a remix sounds like it would end up a mess. But leave it to Archnemesis to make me eat my words as they create an entirely new song out of it. It starts out the same with the now-famous “AHH RIN TIN TIN,” but quickly dives into a complex layer of snares, blips, and growls from Kendrick himself before dropping into a heavy electro jam with the “fuck the world for 72 hours” line.

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