noisiaSo many of the talented producers that we all know and love depart from their traditional “methodology” and style when they change gears to produce for such entities as for example, a video game soundtrack, but not Noisia.  The dutch trio is widely-known for the swift and dark DnB tunes mainly (although they don’t limit themselves to one spectrum or “genre”), and their newest work lends a hand to the Devil May Cry videogame by composing the soundtrack.  Fittingly, the deeper, thought-provoking, transcendental darkness that Noisia is known for translates perfectly to form the backdrop of the originally designed sequel to Resident Evil.  Enjoy the mellow side of this Tuesday afternoon and keep in mind… Noisia states:

“This is a game soundtrack, not a new Noisia album. Its full of ambiences and unexpected pieces of music. Don’t expect to buy 18 or 36 dancefloor bangers :)”

Listen : The Tower – Noisia

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