I think we can all agree that it has been a minute since electronic music originator Flux Pavilion has released some original and raw material. Now don’t get me wrong his recent release in October with Major Lazor, “Jah No Partial”, was great, but lately that fresh Flux sound seems to be missing in iTunes libraries everywhere, and quite honestly it was beginning to piss me off until now. Lucky for him he is in the works of releasing his new EP titled Blow The Roof and in the mean time he is releasing some tracks for all of us who are beginning to feel a bit irritated with waiting any longer. Following the releases of his hit tracks like “Bass Cannon” and “I Can’t Stop” many fans have high expectations for new material produced by Flux. Fortunately, his new release “OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)” will easily be able to find a spot at the top of electronic music charts with the rest of his tracks. Flux knows what he’s doing and makes damn sure his tracks represent that.

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