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Black Butter Records, recipients of the Association of Independent Music’s “Best Small Label of 2012,” has graciously offered up a line of free EP’s entitled “Black Butter Spread Love”. Already on it’s fifth installment, the series spans through almost all of the electronic music genre spectrum,  highlighting up-and-coming artists signed to the label. Although these downloads are 192 kbps, who doesn’t like free music?

Hostage‘s “Bubble Up EP” contains three tracks oozing of booty-teching ass-shaking shit. The title track incorporates a dancehall sample, droning energetic synths, and a hyphy deep bassline. “Trick Green” reminds me of something you’d find on a dirtybird records b-side, with transposed-down vocal samples and sirens and alarms screaming in the background. This EP’s great for that Miami BBQ vibe, and shows off the party side of Hostage.

RackNRuin‘s “Mark Two EP” has some of that sleazy deep house goodness that’s been on the rise as of late. “Mark Two” is a track that would fit great into a late night set, with a dark ominous vibe, eerie echoed vocals, and a gritty deep bass. “Hackney Heat” continues the low-lit underground feel with a much of the same elements in “Mark Two”. Both are excellent after-hours tracks, mesmerizing and dark throughout. The “Mark Two EP” is one of the deeper releases from Black Butter Records, and one of my favorites!

“Be Yourself EP” by London native Codec, is the UK bass album of the Spread Love series. Starting off with “What You Need,” Codec exhibits elements of organ house, progressive house, and dubstep. The energy is high on this track, and the energy continues through onto the second song, “Be Yourself”. This gem has that round and deep bass sound, combined with mesmerizing synths. The final song, “Your Alwyas” starts off sounding like a classic garage track, but takes a sudden turn into bass-driven house. Overall, this EP has the UK garage/bass feel through and through, keeping the vibes light and the bass low.

For those into dubstep and grime, HeavyFeet puts forth an amazing effort entitled the “Dirty & Stinking EP”. From the get-go, “Dirty & Stinking” has that filthy grimey sound with DRS spitting over a HeavyFeet production. This is the type of dubstep that I truly enjoy, that heavy meditative bass and intricate hi-hats. “Cosworth” comes in next and is another high-energy and intense track showing off HeavyFeets keen knack for creating an old-school dubstep sound.

Finally, Black Butter Records gave away an EP remixing Kidnap Kid‘s “Alphaville EP”. Some favorites from the album include 3hrs & Woz‘s B-more club remix of (ironically named track) “Be More”. This shit just straight bangs, with an extremely bumpy B-more bassline, and funky stabs. Another great cut from the album is Jonty Skruff‘s No Mercy Remix of “Vehl”. This song sounds nothing like the original and is a great tech house track with a persistent droning bass and great use of samples. Finally, Soul South Project’s remix of “Lazarus Taxon” is a fat deep house track with a stabbing, dance-inducing synthline, and phenomenal sound animation. This album really shows off the great diversity that the Black Butter crew has, spanning into 5 different genres with the 5 songs.

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