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kaKameronessi was recommended to me by a friend who shall remain nameless, and since the first listen, I’ve been hooked.  As I consider myself a mainly moombahtonista, maybe that’s where the initial draw came from, as he has a bunch of features on Moomba+, Generation Bass, and more.  It seems that Kameronessi was on the path that electronic  music is headed for 2013 for quite some time now; that more subdued and relax kick, toning down over-aggressive “bangers” and turning the process to be more expression of the internal.  Utilizing sounds that range from electric guitar to piano samples and beyond, Kameronessi paints a picture with every track he releases.  Exploring new worlds and solidifying the fact that tracks can become “masterpieces” without turning the inside of a venue into a pigpen, the sounds of Kameronessi will invoke a deeper connection to music than most can transmit in a few minute time frame.

Listen / Download : Magic Carpet Ride (Original Mix) – Kameronessi

Listen / Download : Morning Dew (Original Mix) – Kameronessi

Kameronessi on : Facebook | SoundCloud


564123_418288038236141_718041240_nSavant is quite an interesting character.  His music grabbed my attention, but when I went to take a closer look at what is behind all these releases, that literally come out every few days at a constant rate, the man behind the “madness” became captivating for me.  Hailing from Oslo, Aleksander Vinter started out by producing and releasing dubstep tracks around three years ago.  It’s well known (or understood) that (not all) most of the producers in the game are “nerds” for technology, introverted workers who spend hours behind a screen and usually (not always) only appear in public to perform/work.  So when I read that Savant is also an introverted “genius” in his own right, with Asperger’s & A.D.D. (do your research), it seems like his choice of his “alias” as Savant is a play on his own perception of himself.  Anyway, the majority of his releases are heavy electro tracks, but it’s easy to see his dubstep “roots” spring up in most of his works in the form of quick growls or wobbles.  Savant is a master vocal manipulator, and hits the mark far more often than most.  The question here lies in the the age-old debate of quantity versus quality.  Savant catches some heat because he literally releases a new track at LEAST twice a week, and some say that’s too often to be releasing, that the quality has to suffer to churn out such a large quantity.  So you be the judge, do you think the production lacks quality because of the quantity released (we don’t think so)…?

Listen / Download : Shark – Savant

Listen / Download : Wade in the Water – Savant

Savant on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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