Over the past year, we have had the opportunity to bring you sit downs with so many amazingly talented artists. It’s not something we at The Dankles could have ever expected last January. Being able to put some huge producers in the spotlight while at the same time introducing you to more unknown producers who are carving out their own niche in this ever undulating music scene.

To kick off 2013, we are proud to have the chance to chat with two amazingly talented artists who come from very different corners of the musical realm. Jamie Janover and Djunya are by no means new to the game; they each are constantly pushing the bill within the music and art world, and we were very excited to chat them up about their most recent collaborative release, Quantra.

The Dankles: Would you mind start things off by giving us a little background on yourselves?

Jamie Janover: Jamie Janover here, originally from New York, NY and have had a home base in Boulder, CO since 1995 and one in the East Bay since 2008. Been playing drums since age 14 and hammered dulcimer since age 16 and have brought the idea of dulcimer as percussion first to a traditional instrument usually used for melody. Went from solo improvisation to group improvisation jamband style into electronic jam into more electronic electronic… currently playing live pa style sets with tracks and controller like many dj/producers are doing, but all mounted to the hammered dulcimer and mini-kit percussion to perform live with vocalist: reSunator as Janover & reSUNator

Djunya: My name is Joseph Sterling Hanks Jr, I’ve lived all over the West, but currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Grew up loving all types of music and played percussion all through school.


TD: We just saw the release of your latest collaborative EP. Are you two pleased with how it’s being received?

J: Yes, it’s been great to get the positive feedback from something that has, for a long time, been ones and zeros in our hard drives, now seeing the light of day as it makes air waves coming out of speakers across the planet.

D: Yes, I think both of us are very happy to have this release finally out there. 12/12/12/ was a special & memorable date to have it come out.  The support so far has been really great.

TD: The two of you both come from quite different ends of the musical spectrum. How did you wind up linking up for this project?

J: For me, it was a long ride in the bus when ZILLA was on tour several years ago and I heard a track from Djunya come on and loved it. I got in touch with Joseph and said I loved his style and wanted to collaborate. He was down and we eventually did some recording and finally put this EP out. It’s been a while in the making.

D: Jamie had contacted back in 06-07 about music. He  ended up booking me for a show with Zilla at the FOX theater in Boulder CO. We had talked a lot about a collaboration and planned on recording in Berkeley CA. Later we were able to have a recording session and that’s when it all started.


TD: What sort of influences fueled the sound you guys crafted for this EP?

J: For myself, it’s the love of Indian music and Dub music and the hammered dulcimer put together with vocals that resunate.

D: I would say my influences are from all across the board, including each other’s music. For me, Talvin Singh & Bill Laswell are some names that come to mind as masters of fusing live & electronic.

TD: Knowing that you guys have quite the musical background, were there any unique elements you incorporated into this EP that were a little different from other projects?

J: I think these tracks are different than any we would have made on our own, which is the whole reason to collaborate in the first place: to come up with something different/unique.

D: Yes, Jamie’s Hammer Dulcimer is extraordinarily different from anything I’ve ever done. It’s such an amazing instrument that pre-dates the piano; he is a master of his craft. I haven’t heard anything that can quite emulate the unique sound. Golden.

TD: You guys brought reSUNator on to lay vocals over “Conduit”. Were there any thoughts about incorporating vocalists for other tracks on the release?

J: We talked about it, but the other two tracks had already been completed with the intention of them being instrumentals. “Conduit” was developed over time with lots of space and the vocals were a perfect fit for that particular vibe. reSUNator and I are working on a whole series of new tracks for future releases and performances.

D: Originally, we had thought of featuring Lynx since Jamie, Lynx, and I had already had one release together. But we also didn’t want to steer to far away from the focus being the instruments. I have always been open to vocalist if I feel it’s cohesive to the project. When he told me that reSUNator had been singing with him a bit on tour i was excited to hear her and incorporate it into this release.

TD: Do you two have any plans to work on anything else with one another in the future?

J: I always love working with Djunya and i hope we will eventually put out some more material but nothing is set at this moment.

D: Yes, I would love too.


TD: How much different is it to work on a release with another artists versus doing it solo?

J: The biggest difference is having to schedule time and space to be able to be in the same place at the same time. I suppose we could have done some of the work over the web, but nothing replaces two people sitting in front of the same set of speakers and going back and forth real time on ideas and creativity and editing… way more fun and efficient.

D: Well the hardest part is scheduling. We work well together, it’s just hard to get us both in the same location at the same time. This project could have been out a lot sooner had I just taken the recordings and went to town chopping them up into something. However, I wanted this to be a true collaboration were we both edited, listened, and shaped these works into songs and ultimately an EP.

TD: Do either of you have any other collaborative projects in the works that have yet to see the light of day?

J: For sure, several things: I have been touring for the past year with reSUNator and we are working on new material for 2013 shows and release. I also play live mostly with a couple bands right now: ZILLA has been active since 2003 (with VibeSquaD & Michael Travis) and PRAANG has been playing since 2006 (with Steve Kimock, Travis & Jason Hann). I’ve also been working on some tracks with Andrelian (formerly Heyoka) and a few other projects in the works as well.

D: Yes, Currently I’ve got works with TASO, Sublo, The Genie, and some other amazing hip-hop collaborations I can’t speak of just yet.

TD: With 2012 coming to a close, everyone’s already a little curious what 2013 is going to hold. What can weexpect to see from each of you in 2013?

J: Lots of touring, mostly to festivals and also some hunkering down in the cave, so to speak.

D: I’m finishing my first full length LP, as well as some new singles, remixes, and another EP to follow.

TD: Any last words for the fans out there?

J: We are infinite beings living in an infinite thing we call the universe.

D: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Much love to everyone out there. May 2013 be a tremendous year for everyone.


Full QUANTA EP available for download here:

• Addictechwww.addictech.com/p/113976
• Beatportwww.beatport.com/release/djunya-and-janover-quanta/993762
• iTunesitunes.apple.com/us/album/djunya-janover-quanta-ep/id576203843
• Boomkatboomkat.com/downloads/608186-djunya-janover-djunya-janover-quanta
• JunoDownloadwww.junodownload.com/products/djunya-janover-quanta/2076680-02/

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