Known for his dragged out samples and slow melodic beats, 25-year-old British producer Lapalux is back at it again with “Guuurl”. Drawing from indie dance, hip-hop, and electronic influences, Lapalux’s sound is hard to pin down. Curious off beats, and pulsating synthlines combine to create emotional-filled tracks that are off the beaten path. Recently, his demos caught the ear of Flying Lotus, who immediately emailed and signed the Essex local to his successful Brainfeeder imprint, becoming the sole British producer on the label. After two critically acclaimed EP’s released in 2012, When You’re Gone and Some Other Time respectively, Lapalux is dropping his highly anticipated third effort on the label, Nostalchic. As the title suggests, the album plays sonically with the idea of nostalgia and features Lapalux’s signature mix of house, hip-hop and R&B. A number of vocalists feature across the album’s 12 tracks, including Jenna Andrews and Kerry Leatham. “Guuurl” is the first song released off of Nostalchic (due to release this March), and highlights the atmospheric and ethereal vibes that Lapalux tries to produce while in the studio. This track is just plain old good, and is one of those songs that you can have on repeat for days. So, be sure to check out Lapalux’s SoundCloud and Facebook, and purchase Nostalchic when it comes out in a couple months!

Lapalux on : Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter

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