Today is the day! This little feature has been in the works for what seems like awhile now, but we promise there are some BIG things wrapped up in this new Q & A from the West Coast’s Taso. Having dipped his toes in multiple genres over the years, we have some fresh ass trill tracks from this multi talented producer. And with it being Tuesday, we figured it would be appropriate as y’all are sniffing around for out Tweakin’ Trap Tuesdays. Dig on in and swoop the mixtape along with some other heaters he has let out over the past few months.

The Dankles: We’ll start this off pretty basic: can you you tell us a little about yourself?
Taso: My name is Taso. I make music.

TD: How long have you been producing music?
T: Over a decade.

TD: What influence, artist or otherwise, had the biggest impact on you?
T: Yheti aka Yheti Master

TD: Is you music production part time? Do you have any other life plans?
T: Producing music is my main passion. That’s all I ever really want to do.

TD: It’s pretty apparent that you’re a player in this upsurge of trill/trap music as of late. Is this a new direction for you or have you been on this beat for a while now?
T: I have been listening to hip-hop/rap all of my life. I used to steal my older sister’s and older cousin’s tapes when I was little… they used to bump Biggie, Tupac, Warren G, and Nate Dogg… all the classics, they had great taste. Wu Tang was one of my early favorites as well as Bone Thugs. As far as real trap shit, I got introduced to DJ Screw’s mixtapes later down the line when I was like 13… that shit blew me away for real. Other early names were Big Pokey, Mr. Pookie, Mr. Lucci, PIMP C, UGK, ect.

TD: Do you have any kind of stance or opinion about the sudden spotlight the mainstream has put on trap?
T: At least it’s better than happy hardcore or any of that bullshit.

TD: Are there any artists in particular who you are consistently excited to work with?
T: Yes… All of the homies over the past year: EAZ, Dj Assault, Dj Spinn (The whole Teklife crew), Dov, Muti Music, DJUNYA, NastyNasty, Coopdville, Triple Cup, Yheti, Poppa Doses, Trevor Kelly, Skulltrane, Stylust Beats, G Jones Johnny 5, Nawte Kong, General Nao, King Robot, Wolfbitch, VTRON, Reid Speed, Dan Stilwell aka Stilskt, Doug Surreal, Bleep Bloop, Trill Murray, El Diablo, Free crush, Cutty Ranks, the RZA + Masia One, Prissy, Germfree, Rasco of the Cali Agents, TC Islam, Resek, Henry Quester, Just Jay and all my fellow Urban Umpires out there in Oakland/Worldwide. Those are just a few to begin with… many more to come.

TD: Chose one producer (live or dead) to collaborate on a track with.
T: King Tubby, because he is the man.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours: what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
Studio: Custom Macbook Pro i7, Ableton, MPC2000XL, SP-1200, Gibson SG, Vox Valvetronix amp, a grip of hardware synths + two turntables and a microphone. Live: Macbook Pro, Serato, two turntables/cdjs and a microphone.

TD: When you’re just kicking back, who are a few producers you might toss on? What about when you’re getting crunk?
Kickin back: Pete Rock, Dj Premier, RZA. Crunk: Drumma Boy, Lex Luger, Traxamillion, any and all of Mac Dre’s producers.

TD: Besides producing, what are some of your hobbies?
T: Varnishing Wooden Owls… hahaha.


TD: I’ve noticed you are quite the master of mastering tracks. Is this something you picked up or have you made this a focus of yours?
T: I got a degree in audio engineering and I have been refining my skill for a long time. My dream is to be a successful mastering engineer one day… $500-$1000 an hour… mad luccini.

TD: Anything to say to the viewers about this exclusive you’re sharing with us?
T: Enjoy it, it’s quality free shit. For those of you that are really feelin’ it, come to a show, it’s best served live.

TD: How much syrup could a syrup slurper slurp if a syup slurper could only slurp syrup?
T: 6 – 8 ounces

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Any last words for those people out there on the interweb?
T: Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.


Last Words with TASO

Last big surprise you had: This kush right here: Larry’s OG… straight fire.
Last CD/Vinyl you bought: Soul Jazz Records “DRUMS OF CUBA” 2×12.
Last time in the studio: Today.
Last good movie you saw: Mongol.
Last funny shit you saw: Dready Festy kids trying to dance to juke.
Last time things got out of hand: When Knick aka Triple Cup was in town.


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