It’s hard to imagine three more talented people in the electronic music world right now.  All of them have a similar yet different sound, and each has beautifully crafted music attached to their name.  XXYYXX and Giraffage created the track “Even Though” in late spring of 2012, and now San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird has revived the tune with a new remix that will have you smiling from ear to ear while you bob your head along.  The tune starts with a reggae-styled tempo that sounds like it was filtered and carefully tuned.  Voiced pitches and mellow vibes control the tune for the first minute and some change.  Around the 1:36 mark is when the tune picks up into a soundscape of echoing voices and pure synth-driven greatness.  Have a listen and download it you enjoy it!

Download: Even Though (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) – XXYYXX & Giraffage
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/4×56.mp3]

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