All I can say is that I’m happy to have survived the first night solely because the next couple nights were even crazier! We awoke and casually strolled into the buffet with hundreds of other hungover passengers. For those who are curious about the food onboard let me tell you: that buffet had every drunken food a person needs (plus a salad bar and other healthy options). We even spotted Eats Everything chowing down on some burgers (oh, the irony)! Our vessel was docked next to three other enormous ships in Nassau, Bahamas; while looking at the scenery from the back of the boat, we spotted the legendary Atlantis resort along with a Bahama blue sea.

We took this opportunity to go on an adventure and explore Nassau. The city is quite simply beautiful: crystal clear waters, coconut drinks on the beach, vibrant town full of non-stop activities and drinking in public. We walked through the main district and arrived at Junkanoo Beach where we found other cruisers among locals looking for some fun in the sun. Hydration supplied by fresh coconut milk was the best decision, because we needed a great deal of energy to take on the second night of shows. Before heading back to the ship, we stopped off for food at an authentic Carribean walk-up spot and feasted upon conch fritters and curry patties.

Dillon Francis

When we arrived back on the ship, people were continuing to party as an awesome slate of afternoon activities were beginning. First, we made our way to the S32 Disco to sit in on the Red Bull Couch Sessions with Dirty Bird president and sexy beat creator Claude VonStroke. Hearing Claude talk about his trials and tribulations in the film industry, the process of working on new music, and the formation of Dirty Bird Records was quite inspiring. We stopped by Gina Turner‘s yoga session for a bit before making our way to the 2nd annual Dillon Francis Single-Malt Invitational. Playing 6 holes of mini-golf, taking shots, and swearing loudly while Mr. Francis berated you thru a megaphone made for a perfect afternoon spectacle! We finished the day’s activities with Oliver‘s game of Twister, which ended up turning into a dance party just before the main stage reopened with another onslaught of music.

As the sun started to set, L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok went back-to-back as the party returned to the pool deck. The whole Night Slugs crew killed it all weekend; they even hosted late-night party in the Pigalle Lounge on Day 3, but we’ll get to that later. The ship began to depart from Nassau just as Gary Richards, also known as Desctructo, took to the decks. A MASSIVE shout out is due to Gary for making HOLY SHIP set sail once again and we can’t thank him enough for the memories that will last a lifetime. He also happens to be a damn good DJ/producer as well. Destructo played out his own tunes like “Technology” and the original anthem of HOLY SHIP 2012, “LA Funky,” to a full pool deck of partying passengers. (Head over to Destructo’s SoundCloud to listen to all these tunes, and also grab a full two hour set of Desctructo and Brodinski on the private island this year!)

We were full steam ahead by the time Jack Beats took the stage and cruisers were filling up the pool deck dressed in HOLY SHIP’s second theme of the voyage: Ghost Ship. Our personal favorites were the five or six passengers dressed up in Ghostbusters attire, but the classic ghost bed sheet with eye holes was alive and well aboard the ship too. Jack Beats put on a set full of bass and energy; playing out classics like “Get Down” and their “Jack Got Jacked” remix.  Then came an onslaught of newer tunes including the Beyonce‘s “Countdown” remix and Jack Beats collaboration with Dillon Francis, “Epicdemic,” which was a perfect segway into Dillon’s pool deck set.

Those aboard the ship will agree, Dillon Francis‘ set was one of the highlights of the trip for multiple reasons. Everyone knows and loves Dillon Francis as a wild-child, always getting laughs out of people, but this time it was different. Dillon was joined on stage by the self-proclaimed Fat Jew (we kid you not, watch the video). While everyone was getting down to Dillon’s music, we waited for Fat Jew’s next one-liner on the mic as bangers like “IDGAFOS,” his remix to Nero‘s “Like Home,” and Doctor P‘s remix of “Reasons.” At one point, Dillon brought Zedd onstage and they performed an interpretive dance to Avicii‘s “Levels” for the crowd to enjoy.

We decided to head back to our cabin during Zedd‘s set for a much needed “safety meeting” before seeking nourishment in the cafeteria. Though we did end up catching the last 10 mins of Zedd’s set, we obtained a killer spot as Knife Party took to the stage to deliver their unique blend of bass heavy tracks. By this point, the pool deck was packed with party hungry passengers and raging artists behind the DJ deck as the duo played out a plethora of music that had the boat swaying from side to side. “Bonfire,” “Crush on You,” and the infamous “Internet Friends” thundered through the sound system as an all out dance party was underway. We found it hard to stop yelling for joy at the top of our lungs, but we weren’t alone as the whole boat found itself in numerous “Is This Real Life?” moments.

As midnight struck, some of the crowd dissipated due to a combination of other late night parties kicking off, people needing food, more drinks, and some just partying far to hard. For those who didn’t stick around for the madness that is 12th Planet… tisk tisk tisk! Not only did 12th bring on another serving of wobbles to the face for those still standing after Knife Party’s set, but had Skrillex and Kill The Noise accompany him on the decks for some back-to-back fun in bass music. This was only the second time in living memory that we’ve seen Skrillex dressed in white attire, though he ditched the shirt soon after he took the stage. 12th and Skrill went full metal jacket on our eardrums as tracks like “Bass Cannon,” “Ratchet Strap,” Skrillex’s Down Version of “Goin In,” and “Right On Time” were blasted into a cloudless sky. The best part about all this was seeing other cruise ships passing with their passengers probably wondering what the hell was happening on the MSC Poesia.

Following another “safety metting” we headed to the Theater to catch Boys Noize do work. A day’s rest in the sun must have done him well as he picked up right where he left of the previous night, delivering more electro/techno bangers for the crowd to enjoy. Gesaffelstein and Xavier of Justice made appearances throughout the performance and provided tidbits awesomeness to his set. We then went on a few laps around the ship and spent some time in each of the late night party areas. Alvin Risk kept the occupants of the Zebra Bar hyped up as he pelted them with fantastic tunes. Skream & Benga brought their UK drum and bass style to the Pigalle Lounge, and if it wasn’t for one of our comrades going MIA, we would have been happy to spend the rest of the night watching those two kill it. After walking back to our cabin to see our missing friend passed out, it took us screaming Eats Everything to revive him from his slumber and continue partying. Eats Everything had the people in S32 Disco feeling sweaty; delivering a set very similar to his BBC 1 Essential MixWe ended the night back in the Zebra Lounge to see Crookers throw down another late night performance. This time around, Phra had what seemed like every artist who wasn’t playing a set at the time on a stage with him getting loose. This, in our opinion, was the best of all the late night performances due to the sheer magnitude off all these artists. As we stumbled back to our cabin, the only thing we could think about was the impending beach party that awaited us at 11am. But that, my friends, is a story that must be saved…

Come back Friday to read our Day 3 HOLY SHIP recap! Enjoy the mix of iPhone photos in the gallery below!

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