Feel people create such moving music as the 17 year old producer, XXYYXX (born Marcel Everett).  All of us at The Dankles has been listening to this guy on repeat.  With a constant flow of new music weekly, plus some rediculously good remixes (check this one out), it’s not hard to see why XXYYXX has taken in 2012 and will continue to in 2013.  Today Marcel decided to unleash another smooth remix on us.  XXYYXX’s remix to YYU is a mellow, almost ambient work that you will have no problem getting lost in.  XXYYXX is probably one of very few artists that can sample a dog bark and get away with it.  Download this great new remix now.

Marcel had this to add about the tune – “Good Morning…My take on YYU’s amazing song, “I Haven’t Left”. Music is freedom, don’t be ignorant. Lots of field recording and some rather lofi guitar. Just some fun.”

Download: I Haven’t Left (XXYYXX Remix) – YYU
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/4xhm.mp3]

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