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Damn, if you like that ass-shakin Baltimore club music you’re in for a treat courtesy of DJ Bark Lee! Who is this Bark character? Why, none other than renaissance-man producer Doctor Jeep. This cat has the amazing ability to create music throughout almost all genres of EDM; from garage, to UK bass, to juke, to bootytech, he does a great job creating a specific but unique sound with all of his tracks by incorporating several genres at once.

His most recent effort, the Bark Lee Classics Vol. 1 EP, sees Doctor Jeep working with his B-more club alias, drawing on his many influences to produce a really interesting clubby sound. “Gonna Get U” starts off sounding like some old school 90’s organ house, but breaks out into the deep pounding bass of Baltimore club. “Vamp 2012” follows essentially the same formula, while “M.O.N.I.C.A.” has a more contemporary b-more club sound, with chanting vocals and a heavy bassline from the get-go. “Walk 4 U” takes a similar approach, with a great use of a Tronco Traxx samples and intricate highs. Be sure to follow Doctor Jeep on SoundCloud, as you never know what to expect from this eclectic artist!

Download: Bark Lee Classics Vol. 1 EP – DJ Bark Lee

Stream: Gonna Get U – DJ Bark Lee

Stream: Vamp 2012 – DJ Bark Lee

Stream: M.O.N.I.C.A. – DJ Bark Lee

Stream: Walk 4 U – DJ Bark Lee

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