Dutch producer Vato Gonzalez is “back on the horse” with this newest release.  Sure,  not all of the internet is filled with cat paraphenalia, but a good majority is, so maybe this track is Vato’s way of expressing his displeasure with the feline furies, maybe not.  Either way, the track makes me think of a mixture of Inspector Gadget anthem status and Mission Impossible, cat edition rolled into one.  This would be the track, if you could imagine, that cats would creep around to; strutting in their prideful fashion to the incessant drum kick.  Not being the craziest departure from his normal reggaeton/moombahton-ish vibe that Vato usually displays, we fully approve of his first solo track for Mad Decent, keep them coming Vato!

Download : Cats are Evil – Vato Gonzalez
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/4xof.mp3]

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