By now, we’re a few weeks deep into 2013 and we at The Dankles have had some time to contemplate the awe-inspiring moments of the past year. Throughout 2012, we we fortunate enough to make many leaps and bounds over here on our own front (and we thank you, our readers, tremendously for that), but we weren’t the only ones. One of the many groups we have gotten to know and work closely with this past year has been San Francisco-based marketing imprint Level4 PR.

On all fronts, L4 took 2012 by the reigns and pushed the bill to build an ultimately expansive platform of releases. In under 2 years, L4 has represented over 90 leading artists, and in 2012 alone, they covered 50 EP/LP releases (a slew of which you can see above). They have by no means kept themselves cooped up in the Bay Area either. Thus far, their arms have extended to clients located all across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK (the rest of the EU better watch out come 2013). Their world-wide expanse, and the sheer volume of quality music in 2012, is why we wanted to bring you guys this showcase today. We took the time to pick out favorite 10 releases from L4 and bring them to your attention (incase they slipped under your radar).

First, though, a brief history: L4 was launched in June 2011. It was built to (and always will) promote emerging and leading EDM artists and producers. Their aim: to help them gain the recognition they deserve in this industry. And this has truly been one of the reasons we hit it off so well. They focus on quality over quantity; emerging, cutting edge sounds and artists that are carving distinct paths with their sounds. L4 also believes in the value of creating and growing together– once an L4 artist, always an L4 artist. With this being said, L4 has already made some outstanding partnerships with major labels including Street Ritual, Muti Music and Aufect Recordings. Having this only been their first few years of growth, they already have some big things in the works for 2013. They have a MASSIVE 12 hour (2pm-2am) SXSW showcase, BassicK Elements, with Music You Need on 3/11 at Karma Lounge featuring ill-esha, Knight Riderz, Joe Mousepad and tons more artists soon to be released. They also have some huge music projects on the horizon, festival and tour partnerships, and 2 insane soon-to-be announced L4 sub divisions (so be sure to stay posted).

10. Joe Mousepad: Resonate EP

Joe Mousepad on Facebook | SoundCloud

9. Knight Riderz: Postive Vibez EP

Knight Riderz on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

8. Street Ritual Artist: West Coast Bass Cultre Vol. 1

Street Ritual Artists on Facebook | Website

7. HxdB: Up EP

HxdB on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

6. Opiuo: Butternut Slap pt. 2

Opiuo on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

5. ill.Gates: The Church of Bass EP

ill.Gates on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

4. Andreilien (formerly Heyoka): Dub Iteration


Andreilien on Facebook | SoundCloud

3. heRobust: Screw Loose EP

heRobust on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

2. ill-esha: Imaginary Friends EP


ill-esha on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

1. Thriftworks: Rainmaker

Thriftwork on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Level 4 on Facebook | Twitter | Website

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