Our friend from the north, Blue Version, sent us this remix of Flume’s “What You Need” and we figured we had to share this with you guys.  It’s all too often that people attempt to remix amazing tracks and either butcher the crap out of the original, discredit and rework almost every element, or just plain fail with crappy skills.  Such is not the case with Blue Version, who succeeds in keep the integrity of the original track that we love so much.  For me personally, the remix takes the originally soothing, minimalistic track to another level.  Without compromising the integrity and the base of the track, Blue Version makes slight changes to add to the track, such as quick snare rolls and a slower tempo, glitching the vocals a bit, to subtly infuse his style into the original, almost seamlessly.  This one is perfect for any quiet moment you can grab between Friday night and Sunday, so download it now before the madness ensues tomorrow.

Listen : What You Need (Blue Version Edit) – Flume

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