It’s my pleasure to present a new track from easily one of the most prolific producers alive right now. After the “Mirror Maru EP,” Cashmere Cat set himself aside into a new realm of dance music. Combining elements of trap music and experimental EDM, by the likes of 123MRK and Lapalux, he was bound to have everyone dumbfounded, and he hasn’t spared any of that in this new track. So many tasteful “off-time” moments that make you have to rewind the track a few times to make sure that what you had heard actually happened. He is a master of time and space in his music, having some of the most gut wrenching pauses and note placement of your life. This man has put Norway on the map for EDM forever and will continue to “wow” all of us if he stays on the path he’s been on. Make sure to grab his FREE DOWNLOAD he hooked up and show some love… maybe we’ll see him here in the U.S. soon!

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