artworks-000038438034-q7innr-originalIt’s no surprise that the moombahton and trap worlds are closely knitted together and many moombahton producers dabble in the trap sounds, especially as of lately, so when an EP like Holyship comes out, the appeal is projected upward.  Shelco Garcia and Teenwolf, both Guatemalan producers, released this fusion EP with Mixmash, and their latin style with “este es el ritmo” and “SUDACA” samples bring a different element to trap not showcased too frequently.  It’s all too often that many trap tracks feature similar production compositions, but this style is fresh.  Don’t get  caught up in the whole controversy of the use of “sudaca”, which could be interpreted to some as a derogatory term, just enjoy these two tracks full of heavy basslines, deep dutch stabs, and the moombah/trap marriage no one can rip apart.

Listen / Download : Holyship (Trap Edit) – Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF

Listen / Download : TURN IT UP! – Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF

Shelco Garcia on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

TEENWOLF on : Twitter | SoundCloud

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