Over the past year DJ duo RaceCarBed has been making quite a bit of progress. After listening to their remix of “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes a few months back we over here at The Dankles knew these two would be a pair to watch out for. From remixes to mixes these two don’t keep a restrain on one type of music, which is what makes them so great. With such a large variety of music genres today, it is great to hear some old school tracks flipped into trap. Including this exclusive mix made for The Dankles, which contains a huge range of music genres for you all to enjoy.

In addition to the new exclusive mix, we got the opportunity to sit down with Bagel and Stan from RaceCarBed to talk to them about their success as DJs this year and what’s to come of them.

The Dankles: Plain and simple to start things rolling, can you tell us a little about yourselves (Name, age, where you’re from, etc) to familiarize the unknowing viewers out there?

RaceCarBed: We are two dudes from Baltimore trying to make an impression on the scene with our high-energy sets and well-groomed beards. We, Bagel, 24 and Stan 26, have both been highly active in different musical projects since we were much younger and couldn’t be more excited about the exponential growth of RaceCarBed over the last year.

TD: I know you guys had some previous musical endeavors prior to RaceCarBed, can you shed a little light on some of those past projects of yours?
We have been in different bands for over 10 years. We first started playing together in an Explosions in the Sky vs. Minus the Bear style project called Boy Crazy.  Then we were both in separate electronic and indie bands for years: Mir and the Moon, The Dialogue, The Everlove, and The Gentlemen.

TD: Did any vibes from those past projects carry through into this current alias; RaceCarBed?
We have both been very well acclimated to the music scene for over a decade. Besides Stan playing keys, guitar, and drums, and Bagel playing bass guitar and piano, we both started production in Reason back in 2005 during Boy Crazy and Mir and the Moon.  We’ve certainly carried some influences over as far as the way we’ll write a track.

TD: Do you think producing music with a band prior to producing electronic music changed the way you guys make your tunes?
RCB: Initially, most of our songs were written like pop songs and structured very verse-chorus-verse-chorus.  We have definitely evolved since the start of RaceCarBed a few years back and think that our ‘More Ghetto’ EP being released January 21 will show everyone just how far we’ve come.

TD: Since you guys have entered the realm of EDM you have dipped your toes in many genres, do you have a favorite when it comes down to producing a track?
Baltimore club and booty house both hold special places in our hearts.  There is just something about sweaty club music that makes us Jews very happy.

TD: Baltimore has a huge club scene, how much luck have you guys had with busting into that scene?
RCB: We wouldn’t be where we are now without our Baltimore club influence.  Artists like James Nasty, Scottie B, and Murder Mark have helped us along the way and the fans here in Baltimore are amazing! I’m not too sure how far we’ve busted into the actual Baltimore Club music scene, but we’ve definitely left our mark on the EDM scene around here and you can certainly hear the Baltimore influence in our mixes and live sets.

TD: What sort of influences push you guys towards producing the tunes you do today?
RCB: RaceCarBed wouldn’t be the beast that it is without people like Diplo, Crookers, Flosstradamus. We also wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t play the music we played as sped up as we do. Live, we’ll play most 128 bpm tunes at around 134 to 138 bpm which certainly influences the way we write and produce a track. We like housey tunes, but they need to be faster and feel more hyped up.

TD: If you could choose one producer to collaborate on a track with who would it be?
RCB: We both think that it would be insane to write a banger booty house track with Phra from Crookers. We got some support from him when we released our remix of  That Laughing Track a few months back and think that our Baltimore Club influence would blend extremely well with that crazy Italian. We’d also love to collab with A-trak and ETC!ETC!’s bubbles. We don’t necessarily want to work with ETC ETC, but we definitely want to work with his bubbles.



TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio?
RCB: We have a 27” iMac in our studio with Adam A7X monitors.  Most of our music is written using either a Maschine Mikro or a MIDI keyboard and we have been primarily using Ableton for production for the last six months or so after the transition from Logic.

TD: What about in a live show setting?
RCB: We travel everywhere with our Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK-3s and Pioneer DJM-2000.  We are big fans of using Serato and love the ability to have an extensive library of songs at our fingertips.

TD: When you aren’t making beats like crazy, what are a couple thing you might be found doing in your spare time?
RCB: Bagel spends most of his time home playing video games and Stan just bitches at Bagel the whole time that he is playing World of Warcraft.

TD: If you had to give the upcoming year of 2013 an anthem right now what would it be?
RCB: I don’t think that anyone can deny that Trinidad James – “All Gold Everything” has been playing through everyone’s speakers to start off the year. Although, we have to admit, that Kendrick Lamar is so hot right now.  Can’t get tired of “Backseat freestyle”.

TD: This summer we saw ‘Trap’ music blow up the EDM world, do you think there are any other lesser known genres that will make their way into the spotlight this year?
RCB: I wouldn’t be surprised to see more future bass, juke, and our hometown Baltimore club making its way more into the EDM mainstream.  We can only hope.

TD: So you two have been kind enough to stitch together a little mix for us, anything you would like to touch on in those regards?
RCB: We are extremely excited to be able to show the world what the people in the DMV area already know…that RaceCarBed is and should be their favorite DJ. This mix has everything from booty house to Baltimore and from trap to juke and will hopefully be on rotation everywhere. We feature a few tunes from a lot of our close homies like the Westside Schmucks, Tanner Caldwell, Thunderbird Juicebox (who collabed with us on our ep), and the main man DJ Sliink.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there on the other side?
RCB: We hope you head to both our and Thunderbird Juicebox’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages to check out the More Ghetto EP. We are extremely excited to be able to share these songs with the world and are honored to release this mix exclusively with The Dankles fam.

RaceCarBed is your favorite DJ and Dicksquad fucked your bitch.


Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at: Justin Bieber plz believe me

Last ridiculous thing you witnessed: We threw Dicksquad: The Second Cumming in Baltimore this past weekend and I have to say that having a packed room of kids get ratchet with a 6’ tall inflatable dick was pretty amazing.

Last CD/vinyl you bought: CrookersDr. Gonzo vinyl

Last impressive music video you watched: Ever since I saw the Bonde Do Role – Kilo video starring Diplo about a year ago, no video has ever been the same.

RaceCarBed on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
Thunderbird Juicebox on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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