You read that correctly, they’re back.  A staple for many music lovers, The Postal Service’s Give Up has been an album that has endured the ages and is approaching it’s 10th anniversary.  Sub Pop’s second most selling album ever next to Nirvana’s Bleach, will be re-released for a deluxe-edition for all fans.  No official date has been noted yet.  Jimmy Tamborello and Ben Gibbard have denied any speculation of a follow-up album, but this could mean that we will final get the chance to see the elusive duo live for the first time since their initial tour with Jenny Lewis.  The Postal Service‘s website was recently re-launched and solely hosts a graphic listing “The Postal Service 2013”.  For lo-fi electronic music lovers this is an encouraging statement because the duo did very little touring after the album’s release in 2003.

Billboard has confirmed that touring plans are in the works with hints towards Coachella dates, in addition to other festivals. With both Daft Punk and The Postal Service reuniting this year, it seems we are in for an amazing year of music. On a personal note, Give Up is my favorite album of all-time next to Radiohead‘s Kid A and I would travel absolutely anywhere in the country to see them, so I am anxiously awaiting more information on the group’s reunion. For now, I’m going to go re-listen to their first album and I recommend you do the same, especially if it’s covered in dust after all these years.

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