If your night need was in need of a nice little dollop of laid back bass music then you’re at the right place. The West Coast continues to belch forth talented bass producers as Los Angeles’ niceFingers delivers their newest compilation of glitched out bliss on ‘ImagiNative’, their most recent release via Street Ritual. This release saw the light of day a few weeks back  and has been grinding its way into my head ever since. Consisting of Nick Waterhouse and Dave Schneider niceFingers has woven their way in and out of many styles of bass music but what we are presented with here is a smooth funky astral voyage perfect for powering you through those late night. Lured in by the lush vocals in ‘Starlights’ you are immediately caught in a foggy haze as dribbling synths fuel our journey through the cosmos to the funky ‘Full Moon Party’ which brings the EP to a close.

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