It’s Tuesday and considering we tend to serve up a hefty plate of trill shit for that ass today in particular I thought what better then slip in some gut busting bass to get that ass moving too. Muti Music just dropped this fresh 6 track release from Austin, Texas’ Psymbionic earlier this month and my lord have some of you missed out. No new comer to the scene, yet still climbing the ranks, the sound which Psymbionic has been harnessing from the universe around him is definitely turning heads. In a world of music that is infinite people always try and put sounds into a box to label them one thing or another. On PostWaveFutureCore we are presented with a mural of dubstep/drumstep driven tracks that are each slathered with their own unique style. The more dubby ‘Apex’ leads us into the EP as we are tossed into a tumultuous oblivion of belching and undulating bass lines present in ‘Coagulate’ and ‘Computronium’ (which features Great Scott). You might think you’re off the hook then but ‘Inertia’ takes over as the bass takes charge once again. In ‘Voyages’ Psymbionic brings on Pharo for a slightly more dance floor driven track flooded with funky synths and a sexy bass line. The long and the short of it is you need to get listening to the variety Psymbionic wrangled in on PostWaveFutureCore!

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