If you know about either of these two artists, than you already know that them, plus a track called “Work It,” can equal nothing but the dopest dope you’ve ever… You get it. One may have seen the name Sleepyhead around, possibly by working with Broke City, Bass Squad, Figgy or Mimosa (a.k.a Sexytime). However, Krueger being a little less documented, says nothing about the quality of his music. One of my favorite producers since I heard this, the man is sure to take the world by storm soon enough! These guys have brought forth some fresh vibes, that incorporate a lot of classic EDM sounds and rhythms, but the constant “breaths” and “watery” sounds keep you twerkin’ to infinity, but not beyond because that’s not possible. The bass rhythm and the the wood block sound like a dance version of a Swizz Beatz track and whats not to love? Stay tuned in to these two, they’ve got a ton coming up!

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Sleepyhead on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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