It seems like every way you look people are coming out swinging this first month of the new year! Starkey and Dev79‘s imprint Seclusiasis, is responsible for bringing us this brand new release from Canadian glitch-hop act Knight Riderz. Sewn up in this first release from Seclusiasis we are presented with Knight Riderz’s newest single ‘Million Miles’ alongside their own VIP and a slew of mind boggling remixes from DJ ShifteeWARSNAREXLIIGoosebumpz and Sun In Aquarius. Every one of these producers has put a unique spin on the original with styles varying from old school dub to sputtering and garbled glitch-hop, it truly allows you to see the creative process of each producer. Stylust Beats also peeks his head for a little collaborative track on the only other original, ‘Imma Go Hard’ which is just evil enough to slide in alongside ‘Million Miles’ and the varying remixes. Now this entire EP isn’t just up for grabs, but, Seclusiasis has given us the opportunity to bring you one of the remixes for free. Check out some previews of the EP below and be sure to swoop that Shiftee remix from us over here at The Dankles!

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