Daft Punk look alike, Monsieur Adi, definitely has some potential for success but as far as the get up- I think it would be better if left to the originators or should I say Gods of techno. I actually think his disguise is taking away from his talent because honestly the more time I sit here writing about/criticizing his costume the less time I am spending talking about what’s really important here, and that is the music. Nevertheless, this Paris native knows how to execute some good tracks. His tracks sound like if Daft Punk were ever interested in making remixes. Maybe it’s just the attire that’s throwing me off, or maybe this is exactly what he wanted from his disguise. I’m just very skeptical on an artist who is trying to bring back the Daft Punk ambiance, because that my friends is nearly impossible. As for this track though- this is one of the best remixes of Lana Del Rey‘s “Summertime Sadness” I have heard yet and there is an official remix that “will be released soon,” according to Monsieur Adi’s SoundCloud page. So enjoy!

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