Detroit’s Freddy Todd is back with some brand new music for you!  Freddy Todd has taken a classic, T.I.’s “Top Back” and made it into a buck-wild trap/bass/glitch bootleg that is not too miss.  If you’re a bass music fan, you can’t go wrong with this bootleg, and it mixes perfectly with T.I.’s verses.  I’ll warn you though, this is going to put a hurting on your sub.

Here’s what Freddy had to say – “One of the O.G.’s T.I….. I remember the first time I ever really heard 808’s slap in the back seat of one of my buddy’s cars with a proper subwoofer sound system was when I was 16 … that $hit was powerful, full on 808 gangster blap. That song was T.I.’s “Top Back”. Decided to pay homage by crunk-fixing it with a lil FT gloss.. enjoy the free DL and make sure to spread the love if you dig it. (If you dont, music is subjective, and you CHOSE to come here, you can choose to leave, I still love you :)”

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